SST Pure Shaft Alignment

There is only one shaft alignment system  approved by the U.S.G.A.  There is only one shop in Orlando with SST Pure: the only high tech and Tour  proven method to assure consistent shaft performance.

Time and again PGA Tour players have risen on the money list immediately after “SST Pureing” their shafts.  Ten of the PGA’s Top Twenty Money Winners in 2005 played with Pured clubs in their bag.  


You know that club that you just don’t trust?  Here’s some good news.  It’s not your fault, it’s how the shaft was inserted into the hosel. An easily corrected problem using the same patented SST Pure technology available weekly to the pros on the PGA Tour.

If you have one or more clubs that needs re-shafting, or are planning on having clubs made, take advantage of our low SST Pure pricing for custom built KZG clubs and brightest flashlight for sale online repair shop work.

SST Pure Rates

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New uncut shaft purchased from us $25

New uncut shaft not purchased from us $30

Cut shaft removed from club-head $35

Retrofit existing club $55